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The History

Born to a time before mankind, Created and Empowered with energies beyond our comprehension.
Their objective was simple, Maintain the order of the Supreme Omniverse and its rulers, their creators.
Keep the realms separate and secure.
Destroy anything that sought to disturb the balance, usurp their leaders or harm their precious leaders.
Simple, single-celled organisms brought to the pinnacle of existence.
And as the sewer waters rise with power and the fraught of malicious intent separate the Ancient Queenz,
The mighty fall.
The fires of an Ancient civilization are frozen in space and time.
The creators of the Supreme Omniverse stand still,
Leaving the Psychedelic Apes to take their rightful place as rulers.
Each surviving ape, granted the power of immortality by their Queenz.
Little did they know, this immortality was not their own…
The Art

The Art

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The Roadmap

The Roadmap

PHASE I – Psychedelic Apes Launch
  • The first 10 Psychedelic Apes are launched into the marketplace for sale on September 4th, 2021.
  • 20 Apes are held for Giveaways & Airdrops for marketing purposes.
  • Build a small community of tribe members through Discord & Twitter.
PHASE II – Weekly Releases & Upcoming Announcements
  • We release Apes 11-100 at a rate of 10 Apes per week. Final 10 Apes released on November 14th 2021.
  • We bring more life to #PsychApes hometown, the Supreme Omniverse, revealing more details into our upcoming projects.
  • We also showcase our Augmented reality filters that will be available in the future for Psych Ape fans.
  • Website Launch.
PHASE III – PsychApe Merch & Exclusive Collectible Reveal
  • We reveal the #PsychApes Merch and start the process of gifting the exclusive collectibles for Apes 1 – 10.
  • Holders of the Psychedelic Apes will receive a free Twitter Banner Airdrop.
  • Teasers for our upcoming projects will be revealed. This will be exclusively for Psychedelic Ape Owners.

PHASE IV – Launch Of New Projects & Collabs For Charity

  • Launch of the new project and full reveal for the future of the Apes.
  • Collab with another project where proceeds will go towards a charity.
  • We will be updating the roadmap as we go along and come up with new and fun ideas for our Tribe.
  • But most of all, Enjoy the art. Enjoy the community. Enjoy life! We are The Psychedelic Apes. Together Strong.
The Team

The Team


Creator & Designer of the Psychedelic Apes


Web Guru & Discord Dean


Psychedelic Story Writer




How many Apes will there be total?2021-11-05T16:26:32+00:00

120 apes will be minted. 100 will be sold to the public, 20 will be used for giveaways/airdrops.

Is there an incentive for holding any of the first 10 apes?2021-11-06T23:26:29+00:00

Yes, once all 100 apes have been sold, the holders of the original 10 will be gifted a physical acrylic framed animated video as well as printed version of their own ape. A teaser of this will come before all have sold!

When do the apes drop?2021-11-05T16:29:10+00:00

The first 10 were released on September 4th, 2021. We will be releasing 10 apes each week until all have 120 been minted.

What’s the minting cost per ape?2021-11-05T16:29:29+00:00

5 Sol

Are there rarities with each Ape?2021-11-05T16:30:04+00:00

Each ape is uniquely designed and created one by one. These are not automatically generated through coding, so each ape will have its own rare trait. The public will hold the true value of what is most rare. But there will be obvious visual traits that will be more unique with each ape.

Where is the collection listed?2021-11-07T01:57:50+00:00

Currently on Solsea, DigitalEyez & Magic Eden. ONLY BUY FROM OUR OFFICIAL LINKS!
We are not on Ethereum!

When do you release the Apes?2021-11-05T16:31:31+00:00

Every Sunday at 1:00PM EST. We use a raffle system inside of our Discord Channel

What plans do you have after all 120 Apes are minted?2021-11-05T16:34:24+00:00

We have 2 projects currently in the works that will be connected to the Psych Apes. Holders of the 120 Psych Apes will have benefits towards these new projects.

Do you have Merch?2021-11-05T16:35:13+00:00

We will be launching our Merch and store hopefully Q4 2021 or early 2022.



Wanna join the team? Let us know what you can bring to the table and help us build!
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